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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Author: Maggie B.

Date: 2-20-2020

Hello Folks:

This is MY first Blog on the NEW TW3 Leads Plus+ Website. We are so happy to be a part of the TW3 Team. The products are amazing, the customer service outstanding, the 'family' environment is inviting, and the FUN is ongoing!


I soon discovered that this group is a big fan of a lot of different sport teams. As for ME... I'm okay with football and a little baseball, maybe even a tennis match... I don't play, mind you, but on occasion I like to watch the games or if invited ... go to a game at the local High School or College campus.

Now, my mama was a HUGE fan of baseball. She had her favorite teams, she knew their stats, names and positions. And, "Lardy-Lardy"... don't call her when her team was on television. It was funny. My mama is now in Heaven as of Jan. 13, 2019... and I bet she is up there right now talking with all the long ago/past baseball players.

You may be wondering why I teamed up with TW3 products. Well, that is a 'story' in its self. In the last 10 years... I have grown o l d e r... OHHHH, yes I have. And with that aging, it appeared that I was being banned from the traditional job market. Even with tons of experience, 2 master's degrees, and the desire to keep working... NO one in corporate wanted me. I would get a JOB, then even go to my first day and be told they had 'changed' their minds. OFF the record... YOUR too OLD.

WoW, that was a shocker to the system! I kept trying to push my way into the job market and kept getting turned down. Oh, by the way, I do NOT look my age... I look like I am in my 40's, or so I've been told over and over again. I like that! LOL

Well, I started looking for 'work from home' opportunities. Most all I found was scams, take your money and leave you low and with an empty wallet! I did waste some $$$ on those places. I learned a lot! I started doing professional Website and SEO Branding Designs for clients. I did fairly well at it... I am very creative. (this site is my design). But, clients are hard to get and they want it for nearly free. I was losing more money than I was being paid. I love designing and I haven't given this business up... but I haven't taken on any new clients either.

So that leads me to TW3... In 2018 I heard about them through the extensive research that I kept doing. I watched so many videos, and I attended their live Monday Night at 7 EST Podcast and I was interested. Not so interested that I would join... but never the less, interested. I will tell you what really got me to keep returning to the videos was the 'fun' they were having, the topics that was talked about, the YES... the honesty about their Christian commitment.

I too am a Bible thumping, believer, Christian... I try really hard every day to 'walk the walk', 'talk the talk' and 'live the life' that my Lord instructs me to follow. It really isn't hard to do once the rules are placed inside one's Heart and not inside one's head!

Getting back to TW3... these people also 'talk the talk' and they worked their business based on the same principles. WHO does that much any more and really mean it? I know a lot more folks are putting the Lord into the business models and finding it releases STRESS and gives one HOPE! I like that, too!

So, I made the commitment, then I backed out before I paid the membership fee. I felt like a real loser! My self-worth was so far down I couldn't see UP. I realized that my joining the TW3 wasn't the problem, it was my health issues. Yes, I am going to tell you about my illnesses! I had a bad gall bladder!

For years I have been sick with it... and the Thyroid was acting up... plus I was born with Chronic Fatigue which led to other illnesses, which led to a dozen (no kidding) major surgeries. Well, I had trouble with a capital 'T' with my insurances. In CA the specialist's doctors dropped almost all the hmo and ppo insurances, because they stated they were not getting paid on time. So older folks like me... NO insurance coverage, not even Medicare!

In October 2019 I ended up leaving CA and returning to TN where my cousins live and my mama and daddy and brother are buried. I got my surgery within a month after getting here. Right now, I am sitting in my recliner writing to you all, recovering from it. AND, YES IT WAS ROUGH! So far in the past 2 weeks the Thyroid has not acted up and I am feeling more and more like I can do nearly anything again.

In the meantime, I am watching the TW3 videos, talking with Miss Lindsey my mentor-trainer and trying to get my self-worth --- worthy again. One day... I said to myself "this is it! I am going to join this team and become a TW3 member"... I did it! This what is so strange... I felt a HUGE weight come off my shoulders. I felt GOOD, free to pursue this business model, help people find their own pathway, share the message of the Lord, and increase my own knowledge and experiences... and with NO Corporation telling me, 'Your too old."

So then I created so exciting! I plan on helping Women Entrepreneurs gain more clients, by offering high quality, updated, Industry-driven LEADS, for their businesses. I have two half-hour Radio Talk Shows, called W.I.N. = Women's Incredible Network Talk Radio and the other is "What's Your Story?" on the Ole Time Talk Radio Show.

I am inviting all business minded people to come on the air with me and talk about their journeys with their businesses. Your invited to join me... just go to the Contact Page and drop me an Email with your contact information.

This journey, for me, has become more about learning the TW3 methods, tools, resources, getting to know the other team's names, and designing this website. And, it has been so healthy for me.

I want to share with you, my new friends, as much as I possibly can. I invite you to come on the journey through the coming days, weeks, months and into years. Let explore together all the wonderful things that the Lord has in store for us. Watch the Video... it is awesome!

Blessings... Maggie B.

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