Get It Together, Grandma!

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Author: Tarina Lovegrove

Date: 2-20-2020

Okay ladies, it’s time to talk. I’m very excited about the steps TW3Leads Plus+ is offering. Yet, I’m even more amazingly astounded by WIN! - the new show we’ve created exclusively for women entrepreneurs.

For years, Maggie and I have been searching for just the right entrepreneurial formula. TW3 has answered that call and then some. Not only does it offer a high quality lead product for our customers at amazingly, competitive market prices, but it also opens up new opportunities for us to follow our passion and focus our radio talk show segment on an industry very near and dear to our hearts... women’s entrepreneurship! Our dream is to help YOU succeed... and WIN! can help you do just that!

Now I may act like a spring chicken every now and again but when it comes to business it was time to “Get It Together, Grandma!” What I like about TW3LeadsPlus+ is that I don’t have to give up my day job to make this dream a reality. And for those of you who’ve always wanted to start a business without an enormous amount of money and time to dedicate up front, this could be for you! Of course, the more you reap, the more you’ll sew but we’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

So for current entrepreneurs, WIN! can help promote your business to a powerful, female-targeted audience that supports and encourages each other and TW3LeadsPlus+ can provide you with updated, high quality, affordable leads and a platform to get your message out to these hungry consumers. Chalk it up to business, business and more business for your business! LOL And for those of you not in business yet? Why put it off any longer? Let’s face it... we’re not getting any younger, ya know? Clock’s a ticking Chica!

Gracias (Thank you) . for stopping by. I look forward to talking to you about both TW3LeadsPlus+ and our new WIN! Women’s Incredible Network Radio Talk Show! Drop us a line and let’s where tomorrow takes us. Until next time... Adios Senoritas!

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