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Hello Everyone:

We are Miss Maggie, Miss Tarina, and Miss Jane all welcoming you to our W.I.N. = Women's Incredible Network - Talk Radio Show We are pleased to share with you many special guest Women Entrepreneurs, some highly entertaining stories, a few motivational ideas and most exciting adventures!   

We are interviewing a variety of Christian Ladies from all types of businesses and industries.  If you would like to participate on our WIN Talk Radio Show, contact us soon.  Limited dates are available for 2020!

W.I.N. Talk Radio Show:

So, "What's Your Story", is IT a delightful collection of stories, memories, books, poems, scriptures, and music, then come on the airwaves and share "YOUR Story"!  

TW3LeadsPlus hosts W.I.N. Talk Radio Show" program for your listening pleasure!


Now get a cup of coffee, tune-in to our online show at: == then just click on the Icon(s) ... and sit back, close your eyes, and relax, as we explore the amazing stories and interviews full of intrigue, comedy, tips, and great ideas!

        Come on with us..... here we go!

Join Us Online!

Pam Smith, 

Texas Star Guest WIN

Women's Incredible Network

Houston, TX  77450




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